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Farmicrop Market

A place where you can sell the virtual products you produce in Farmicrop such as water, seeds, fruits, and others quickly and easily for real money that you can withdraw to your wallet


Use your well to extract water, create seeds in the laboratory, plant and harvest fruits. You can sell all these products in the market to earn real money! Become a successful product farmer while helping other users grow in the game.


Enter the market and see the available offers to buy the products used in the game. You can also place an order in the market at a specific price. You can acquire products for your own growth in the game!

Complete orders

If you want fast money, the easiest way is to complete orders from other users. They set how much money to pay for certain products they need, you produce them on your farm and complete the order, and the money is added to your account instantly. You can also place orders with other users.

A real market

The value of products is based on supply and demand in the market. This means that the price can vary depending on the number of users who want to buy or sell a specific product! Additionally, when you make a purchase, the user can withdraw the money instantly. So, the market is a reliable and fast system for transactions!

Each offer and order in the market is created and managed by real users, making the market a safe and reliable system, since all transactions are protected and prices are set by the market's supply and demand.

Plant the seeds of success and harvest your profits


The well

Is the foundation of the game, since almost all production requires water. You can increase your water production by l eveling up your well as much as you want.


The lab

Here you can use ovens to make seeds from different fruits so you can sell or sow them and get more valuable products. This will also be key to advancing in the upcoming and exciting u pdates that we are working on ;).


The farm

Sow your seeds and reap the fruits. Each field allows you to sow unlimited times and only requires water and the seed to sow. Future clue: Let them eat fruit.

The market

where the magic of money happens: here you can buy or sell products instantly. Everything you produce is sold here for real money. basically, the higher your production and the better your products, the more money you can get from sales

Last withdrawals (Last 15)

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2023-05-28 08:50:18 Jeanwallet $3.00000000 Faucetpay Email
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2023-05-28 08:01:01 Khai1986 $0.10000000 Faucetpay Email
2023-05-28 07:55:16 KaterinaSaf $0.00742058 Faucetpay Email
2023-05-28 07:54:26 asmolkin $0.00967680 Faucetpay Email
2023-05-28 07:38:56 Uncle_teng $0.37471234 Faucetpay Email
2023-05-28 07:33:18 Tigr2503 $0.03000000 Faucetpay Email
2023-05-28 07:31:15 U1235 $0.08748000 Faucetpay Email
2023-05-28 07:23:52 Eswar $0.04011984 Faucetpay Email
2023-05-28 07:23:48 europepp $0.22500000 Faucetpay Email
2023-05-28 07:21:05 ganjamen68 $0.00650880 Faucetpay Email
2023-05-28 07:20:34 LeoFlo $1.97000000 Payeer
2023-05-28 07:19:17 michi7 $0.00244080 Faucetpay Email

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