1. Acquire raw material

2. Produces milk, eggs, vegetables and much more

3. Sell your production to other players and grow your farm to get bigger benefits rewards

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Buy some seeds and plant them to grow tomatoes and lettuce. You can also produce new seeds to grow your garden


Buy a cow and milk it to sell its milk, you can also buy a bull and dedicate yourself to breeding to sell the calves or to grow your farm


Buy a hen and sell the eggs that it will produce every day, buy a rooster and your hen will give you new offspring to sell or to grow your barn

Start your virtual farm today at

How does it work?

Acquire raw material

To start producing you need to buy raw materials such as seeds, cows or chickens. You can buy everything you need in the public market where other farmers sell everything for your farm.

Start your production

To start you can try buying seeds and compost to produce vegetables, another option is to buy chickens and poultry feed to produce eggs or you can buy a cow and cattle feed to produce milk.

Sell your production

Everything you produce can be sold in the public market, all the articles that a farm produces are very useful for the care and growth of farmicrop farms so other players will surely be delighted to buy the products you sell to use on their farms.

Grow up and get rewards

When you sell a digital item in farmicrop the players will pay you with coins, you can use them to buy other products in the market and thus improve your farm to the maximum, you can also exchange your coins to get rewards!